Members of CNS e.V. profit from their participation in CNS e.V. in various ways. The cluster initiative is based on an objective of creating a win-win situation for all participants and the region as a whole.

The following benefits should be conveyed by the CNS e.V.

  • Contact with other industry companies in the region
  • Contact with commercial vehicles-relevant higher education institutions in the region
  • Personal network
  • Handling tasks that are impossible or difficult to handle alone and can be handled better, faster and cheaper in the cluster (in the working groups)
  • Bringing expert know-how together
  • Regional identity and a feeling of 'us'
  • ncreasing recognition of the region as a commercial vehicles region (all participants act as ambassadors for the region together and separately)
  • Improving the regional image
  • Attractive employers
  • Building up the specific commercial vehicles further education landscape as a USP

This list is not exhaustive and may be extended by one point or another and is individually weighted.

All in all, we are convinced that the benefits for each participant far outway the costs incurred.