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How do you become a member of CNS e.V. ?

In principle, we are open to every company, institution or organisation that can and wants to help us achieve the stated aims.

How do you become a member of CNS e.V. ?
If you are interested in joining CNS e.V., you can download and print the application form via the "Application Form (German)" link. You can also view the membership fees via the "Membership Fees" link.

Before joining the association, you should read and check that you have understood the regulations.Please contact our Cluster Manager, Mr Lothar Riesenegger, on tel. +49 (0)731 173 245 or fax +49 (0)731 173 249 or e-mail: cns.riesenegger( at ), including your contact details and we will send you the regulations. Mr Riesenegger will be happy to answer any other questions.

What happens next?

Once you have returned the completed and signed application form to us, management checks the application and informs you of the result of this check. You are a member of CNS e.V. once you have received the acceptance declaration from the CNS e.V. management board.