Working Groups

Another focus of our activities is target-oriented handling of our members' problems, which they cannot resolve alone, or which can find a better, faster or cheaper solution in the cluster. The tasks defined by the members themselves, whether they originate from an OEM or are initiated by a small supplier, should be suitable to generate lasting competitive advantages for the region.

Six working groups have been established so far and met for the first time on 13th February 2008 at the first conference. They are:

  • Acoustics Working Group
  • Adhesives Technology Working Group
  • New Engineers Working Group
  • Production / Logistics / Supply Chain Management Working Group
  • Electronics / IT Working Group
  • Lightweight Construction Working Group

Other working groups can be established at any time if the need arises. The working groups are controlled by the chosen working group leaders (corporate representatives or professors) and handle the specific tasks in their area. the Cluster Manager coordinates and ensures the progress of the project.

It is important that the small and medium-sized companies are also actively incorporated, articulate their specific needs and then solutions are worked out together - often with the participation of the universities.

Please contact Cluster Manager Mr Lothar Riesenegger with any questions on the working groups.